I renewed and unified the visual identity of the animal rights organization Animalia in 2022. The organization needed ready-made templates to help maintain visual consistency in everyday communication.
The client did not wish for the original identity to undergo a radical change. The original identity was simple and had the basic feature of using a photo with brand colors as a background. The identity also had a predefined font, logo and some kind of definition of typographic hierarchy. Despite this, the identity worked inconsistently. 
I created a few pre-edited backgrounds and a visual guide for the background design. These ready-made and predefined backgrounds ensured that the colors always remained correct. I photographed the plant-themed background photos myself. In addition I redefined the organization's color palette.
I changed the characters I designed for the 60th anniversary identity (in 2020) to suit the new identity. I also transformed these characters into versatile icons suitable for various purposes. I wanted to liven up the identity with the use of characters.
I designed visual identity templates for the organization's Canva account. I made templates for social media posts, posters and flyers. I wanted the templates to ensure the consistency in the composition, typography and colors. For example, I designed some photo frames where the user could add a photograph and their own text. The user does not have to worry about composition when there is a predefined place for each graphic element.
Examples of the social media templates.
Examples of the use of infographics.
Instagram profile after the renewal.
Some materials I have designed after the visual identity renewal.

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