Visual identity renewal for the animal rights organisation Animalia. The organisation needed ready-made templates to help maintain visual consistency in everyday communication.
The client did not wish for the original identity to undergo a radical change. The previous identity included a predefined font, logo, rules for the use of photos and a definition of typographic hierarchy. Despite this, the identity worked inconsistently. 
After the renewal the identity included ready-made backgrounds in brand colors, ready-made templates for various different purposes, illustrations, icons and a comprehensive brand book.
The visual identity templates played a big role in the renewal. The templates were added to the organisations Canva account. Each template has a predefined place for each graphic element. This feature ensures that the user of the templates does not have to worry about composition. The templates make it easier to maintain visual consistency.

Examples of the social media templates
Examples of the use of infographics
Instagram profile after the renewal
Exit report: Present State and Future Prospects of Fur Farming in Finland
Author: Eija Vinnari.
Animal rights report 2023
Authors: Veikka Lahtinen, Tiina Ollila, Laura Uotila. Infographics: Sara Honkanen.
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